Super Kartica


"A Scottish family disembarks in Serbian Pirot." What sounds like the beginning of a joke is actually a summary of the launch campaign of the new Super Card in Serbia.

In order to communicate the novelties of the largest retail loyalty program on the market in a memorable way, the companies Mercator-S and Super Kartica from Serbia joined forces with the ZOO agency. This is how the idea about a nice Scottish family was born. They, in an unexpected and funny video, embody the values ​​of their people (frugality and a penchant for savings) and move to Serbia in search of the same.

Gerard MacLever and his family thus become ambassadors of the new Super Card, which has been completely redesigned to offer program users even greater savings and even more opportunities to collect more points. The mission of the likable Scots is very simple: encourage the target group to use the incredible benefits of the Super Card and promote the modernised and redesigned application. We started the campaign with a few teasers...

Nakon teaser faze objavljen je TV spot.

Along with the new Super Kartica slogan "That's how you buy", we expect new adventures of the nice Scots from Pirot in Serbia.

We're always ready to tackle new "ZOObstacles". Reach out to us!