Mr. MultiPlus

The MultiPlus program has undergone significant improvements, and one of the most interesting is the introduction of challenges. Changes in the program were followed by the application, which, in addition to the new design, also brought new, hitherto unseen, opportunities on our market. To the standard loyalty program, which is based on the regular collection of BONUS euros, challenges have been added that allow customers to have fun and win additional BONUS euros.

With so many changes, it was time for the communication platform to change as well. Instead Supermom, Supergrandpa and the Young Couple which marked the transition to bonus kuna, we designed a new face. His name is Mr. MultiPlus. This singing, lovable entertainer will in the coming period be in charge of promoting new, exciting challenges brought by the MultiPlus application. The basic message of the campaign "You can do it" presents challenges as a new and fun way of using the MultiPlus application.

We're always ready to tackle new "ZOObstacles". Reach out to us!