Christmas is the most beautiful when we are together


Design a Konzum Christmas campaign that shows how Konzum is strongly integrated into our way of celebrating Christmas.


We rush, hurry, cook, frantically buy, pack, decorate, cut, connect, decorate... Sometimes it seems to us that such a Christmas has no meaning. And then we all gather around the table and realize that the meaning of Christmas is precisely in the fact that we are together.


The campaign "The Most Beautiful Christmas is When We're Together" celebrates all those little moments related to the holidays. All that hustle and bustle, running around, and stress. All those situations in which everyone can recognize themselves. We also celebrate our specific, domestic way of celebrating Christmas, the one of which Konzum is an essential part.

Konzum, in fact, is primarily a food provider, but it is also the place where we will buy gifts, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, decorations, and other Christmas supplies. Therefore, the paths of our target group in the holiday season lead daily through Konzum stores, whether it is about the procurement of ingredients that will end up on the festive table, or about the purchase of decorations for the home or gifts. We built the campaign around a collage TV spot in which, as in some kind of recited to-do list, we list all the things we need to do for Christmas to be Christmas. The culmination of all our effort, running, chopping, baking and cooking, of course, happens when the family gathers around the table because it is in the gathering that the real value of the holiday lies.

We processed the visuals and footage from the shoot for a whole range of channels, from large billboards to digital formats. The following team made an immeasurable contribution to the filming of the TV spot:

Director: DjoloDjolo, Director of photography: Luka Trajković, Set Designer: Dajana Jurman Osip, Editor: Jan Klemsche, Costumes: Oliver Jularić, colour correction: Marina Starke, Composer: Tim McMorris, Voiceover: Marin Ostojić, Martina Ferger Dragušica, Producer: Nerma Mehadžić, Val produkcija, Producer: Vedran Stihović, Val produkcija

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