One less

A second has passed. And while you were reading the previous sentence, which took you that one second, 160,000 plastic bags were used in the world. Plastic bag pollution is too great. Forests and seas are full of plastic and microplastics. Although recycling is becoming more and more common in our country, the sea of plastic is becoming more and more vast and increasingly threatening. Every time you use a plastic bag, you are contributing to the plastic pollution of our planet. But what if we started with ourselves and tried to reverse the process? If each of us used only one less plastic bag every day, imagine the change we could make.

Where do lost bags go?

Konzum is always looking to be part of the solution to problems in the community in which it operates. That's why they launched the #oneless campaign, which aims to reduce the use of plastic bags and clean up forests and natural areas polluted with plastic waste. To this end, Konzum organized an action to sell an ecological reusable shopping bag. ZOO was responsible for creating image and sales communication and materials for the digital campaign on this project. We shot the frames for the TV spot following the path of an ordinary plastic bag through the most beautiful parts of our nature.

Reusable shopping bags protect the Earth

In order to further motivate customers to use this bag instead of plastic bags, Konzum has decided to donate one kuna from the sale of each bag for cleaning the environment, and the customer also receives one kuna every time they bring their reusable bag to Konzum.

What does the forest tell us?

To convey the campaign's messages to Konzum customers in a plastic way (pun intended), we installed an installation entitled "Messages from the Forest" in Super Konzum on Radnička.

In the creation of the TV spot, the following participated:

Director: Marin Ostojić / Mario Topić
Director of photography: Mario Topić
Assistant Director: Marko Šprajc
Producer: Nerma Mehadžić (Švenk)
Editor: Sara Gregorić
Set Design: Tajana Čanić, Marija Ćoso, Boška Bahtijarević
Locations: Ivan Karabelj, Krešimir Saili
Colorist: Tomislav Stojanović
Sound: Josip Berić (Studio 45)
Narration: Siniša Popović

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