Family is security and refuge. The family is also the environment where we learn acceptance and unconditional love. Family should be all that, but if you're gay, that's not always the case. Many members of the LGBT community, when coming out to their parents, continue to experience non-acceptance, misunderstanding and rejection.

With the aim of drawing attention to the problem coming out and parents' reaction to learning that their child is gay, we created OQUEER - a frame for a family without prejudice. The word "frame" in Croatian is called "okvir" and is read same as the name of the campaign – OQUEER. It's a seemingly ordinary family photo frame that carries an important message - let's accept ours, no matter who they love. By placing a family photo in OQUEER, parents send a message that they will continue to love and support their children regardless of their sexual orientation.

In the realization of this idea, the help of the department store IKEA was crucial, which selflessly and courageously put QUEER frames on sale and thus secured a place for this small idea in the media space. A large part of the work was also done by the agency Madison, which was in charge of the communication strategy of the campaign.

The sale of OQUEER at IKEA in Zagreb officially started on October 11, on Coming out day itself, and all proceeds from the sale were donated by IKEA to the Iskorak Association. Everyone who bought their OQUEER directly helped the work of the psychological counseling center of the Association. It is a psychological counseling center that is at the service of LGBT people and their parents every day so that they can go through the sensitive process of family coming out together as easily and painlessly as possible.

Let's accept ours, no matter who they love!

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